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New Law Requiring Additional Tenant Notification on Prior Bed Bug Infestations

A new law requiring additional tenant notification on prior bed bug infestations. The disclosure requirement took effect for new tenants July 1 and will apply to existing tenants Jan. 1. It requires landlords to provide tenant with a bed bug history of the apartment while prohibiting them from “showing, renting, or leasing a vacant dwelling unit that the landlord knows has a bed bug infestation.” Full text of legislation can be viewed at:
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A new fight over California rent control is coming

A Santa Monica lawmaker is preparing to battle California’s powerful real estate industry, going after a state law that for two decades has blocked cities from adopting stronger rent control measures. Read more here:

Benchmarking Data is Crucial to Property Management

Ignoring benchmarking data is one of the biggest mistakes property managers and owners can make, but it is also the most common, Island Investment Interests principal Craig Cardwell, CPM,  tells Cardwell is an expert in using benchmarking data to forecast, plan and make operating decisions. We spoke exclusively with Cardwell about how he uses benchmarking data, the most common mistakes property managers make regarding this data and how it is becoming more efficient and accurate than ever before. Click here to read full story...

Governor Brown Signs Tenant Protection Measure

Governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed AB 2819, a bill authored by Assemblymember David Chiu (D-San Francisco) that will prevent innocent tenants from having their credit tarnished by eviction actions that are resolved in their favor. Click here to read full story...

As Online Applications Increase, TransUnion Finds Nearly 70% of Property Managers Concerned About Identity Theft and Online Fraud

A new survey from TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) revealed how the growth of online rental applications has coincided with concerns of property managers about identity theft and online fraud. TransUnion’s survey found that more than half (56.5%) of property managers have experience... Click here to read full story.

CAA’s housing-supply bills address affordability crisis at its core

The California Apartment Association’s fight against rent control reaches far beyond city council votes and local ballot measures. It stretches back to Sacramento, where four CAA bills to increase the production of housing continue to progress through the state Legislature. CAA’s bills would prevent local government from... Click here to read full story